Unleash the sparkle of your TCG collection with Card Treasure Plexiglass Branded Acrylic Cases!

Card PROTECTION for your card treasure
Take your valuable collectibles to a new level: Our special Plexiglas branded acrylic cases. Clear, ultra-protective and stylish - that's the standard we set.

Your collection deserves only the finest. Transform your collection into true works of art!

Catch 'em all - with style!

Why plexiglass and not a no-name?

Best quality thanks to PLEXIGLAS brand acrylic:

UV impermeable ✔️ No yellowing✔️ Crystal clear ✔️High breaking strength✔️ Longevity✔️

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Our history

We are an ambitious team of passionate collectors and pursue a specific goal:

"We take your collection to the next level"

Quality is our top priority because we want to accompany you on your personal journey of nostalgia in the long term.

How do we do that?

Our advanced products offer the perfect solution when it comes to protecting and uniquely displaying your collection.

You can present your products and they will remain in their original condition thanks to our cases.

Think of it as an investment for your investment.

We only use the best materials for our products, be it acrylic from the PLEXIGLAS ® brand instead of cheap acrylic from abroad or screws made of stainless steel instead of galvanized screws that rust quickly.

Don't hesitate and become part of our mission!